Sterling Silver makers marks

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Here is a partial list of the antique silver maker marks we have in stock. This is by no means a complete collection of makers marks. If you do not see the mark your looking for, I would suggest you visit 925-1000. They will most likely have the makers mark your looking for.



  1. Calista said,

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  2. joem said,

    I have a set of ebony and sterling salt and pepper mills. The marks are a castle with stags head between towers and 50 next to it. Anyone know what these mean?

    • leonceantiques said,

      Would it be possible to take a photo and post in a message? That would be helpful.

  3. Doris Griffin said,

    I have an old spoon, soup spoon I believe,
    which says Geo W. Welsh’s son and the mark

    Can you tell me if the S means sterling, and anything about the company, or value?

  4. ddraigcymru said,

    i have just been given a sterling silver identity bracelet and i was wondering if someone could help me to know more about it.
    the hallmarks are:

    A heart with a cross in it with a No.3 in the top left hand corner of the heart and a letter r in the lower right.

    A lion in a rectangle

    An uncrowned leopard head in an octagon

    And lastly an italic letter B also in an octagon.

  5. sue terriah said,

    i have a boiled egg holder with what i think is:
    IT has a bird on the top and on the holder;
    Any idea on what it is or when it was made

    • leonceantiques said,

      Hello Sue. It is difficult to say without seeing a photo. If you take a photo of the mark, and post it through a message, hopefully we or someone else can be of some assistance.

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